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Better to be clear right away: the heels slender, thin the ankle and calf, give the walk. But life is meant to be lived comfortably. And on many occasions the flat shoes they are the solution. Fortunately, they are no longer reserved only for the agée ladies and they are no longer stale and sad like the tea sets that aunt has been trying to give us for twenty years. Flat shoes they have acquired determination and character, assuming their own characteristic style that speaks of a dynamic life, in motion but without ever giving up elegance. For those not looking for the sporty look of a sneaker or the masculine-feminine touch of a moccasin, Pepperina in the Milan store And online proposes female and sexy flat shoes, with details "stolen" from the models with heels, such as straps and tapered toes, which give impetus and liveliness to the leg without preventing you from standing or walking all day. The very soft materials and the Italian design make them ideal to wear for many hours without problems of pain or excessive sweating, the soles are designed to offer maximum comfort and resistance to wear even if flat. A typical problem of dancers is the sole that gives way ... Try those of Pepperina, after five years you will come to the store wearing them again! And try to be daring with patterns and details that you would not indulge in a high heel shoe: flat shoes they reduce the risk of overdoing and will allow you to finally get that gritty and sexy animalier you have been dreaming of for years. 

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