Collection: Spring Summer Dècolletè Shoes

After Sex And The City, the world of shoes has never been the same. Sarah Jessica Parker as - and feet - of Carrie Bradshaw showed women the power of a pair of low-cut. Actually very classic shoes, more or less low-cut depending on the fashions, with high heels, a stiletto, squared and razor sharp tips, rounded from the 1950s or simply tapered as per the textbook, the décolleté is a must. To be declined in at least three colors, black, nude and red, they are the elegant shoes par excellence, those that give more to the leg and the walk, those that add femininity and style even to a top and a pair of jeans. Are they comfortable? It depends ... The décolleté is a shoe that requires great expertise. It must be well proportioned with respect to the heel, so as not to torture feet and back, built according to precise and balanced lines and obviously produced with soft leather and high quality materials. Suffering for a whole party in a pair of plastic shoes is a traumatic experience: it is better to choose the Italian and artisan quality that we offer you. In Milan and throughout Italy thanks to fast and free shipping, the pumps produced by Pepperina are great classics with a modern twist. Milan like New York: Carrie Bradshaw would love them.

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