Uno Stivale Cuissard per uno scamosciato di classe!

A Cuissard boot for a classy suede!

" Let's debunk the false myths about the over-the-knee boot which is reconfirmed as the best-selling product for the 5th year in a row"

Whether you're tall or short, with thick or thin calves, a nice pair of Cuissard knee-high boots with a bit of heel, you'll want them. IS difficult to talk about a product online, because it always seems that someone wants to see something and push you to buy, but that's not my case. I choose what to tell you about, how and when. I'm not an influencer and I don't earn a percentage of every purchase you make because I may have recommended it to you. I write for pleasure, because it's something I've always done starting as a child with the famous "diary of secrets".

Now I'm here in my small way, with amateur photos and a few years of experience in the fashion world, trying to give you some tips.

The knee high boot has been trending for at least 5 years now and most of us definitely have a pair in the closet. In this photo I opted for my colorful pair, because on this autumn morning what I needed was a little colour. We have seen it in all sorts of ways, in leather, velour, suede, eco-leather or even split leather. In short, the material changes, but the model always remains the same and this should already make you understand how much this is one of those items that Pepperina calls basic or continuous: the years go by, but everyone wants it. Suede remains the best-selling material because being opaque it gives the sensation of having a finer and more slender leg.

It's time to dispel the false myths: it's not true that if you're not tall this cuissard boot looks bad on you. It is not true that if you are shorter than 1.65 it will reach mid-thigh. They are all mental cages. Sometimes we should just have the courage to try on a pair of shoes or a dress or a new culinary recipe and only then, at a later time, evaluate whether that thing fits us, whether we like it or not without starting out prejudiced.

In reality this boot is structured respecting the fact that the height from the ankle to the knee is almost the same for everyone whether you are 1.50m or 1.70m tall, what changes is the length of the femur, from the knee up. So don't let these rumors stop you, go to Pepperina footwear, try it, take control of the situation and decide for yourself if this boot is right for you or not. Let Pepperina's experienced staff explain and advise you well. I have two pairs, I like having more options, I tend to take a basic black one and a colored one to always vary in suede. The truth is that everyone wants them because they go well with everything, they go well with midi-cut dresses, with cigarette jeans worn inside or covered by palazzo pants (perhaps black) that leave only the tip uncovered (perhaps a colored velor).

In this photo I opted for my colorful pair, because on this autumn morning what I needed was a little colour.

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