Summer has officially started for three weeks and the masks have been, for this period, part of our daily life, also becoming an accessory on which we can indulge ourselves in terms of fantasies: we wanted to start by saying thank you for choosing us.

Despite everything, none of us wants to give up summer and summer is not only made of travel, but also of light and fluttering dresses and shirts with colorful patterns, hand-woven leather sandals and heels that embellish every outfit. All simple things that give us a sense of normality.

Let's talk about a hot topic, which we are all always waiting for in this period. Usually, for years, in this precise period, we have been accustomed to seeing the windows filled with beautiful writings that make our eyes open like: 30/40/50% discounts. Unfortunately this year the official sales have been moved to August, but the good news is that we at Pepperina are already starting to do them this weekend. We couldn't allow you to go on vacation without the right accessory!

The sales range from 20% to 40% and as always they can be an opportunity to treat yourself to some whim. By now you know us and you know that we seek only the best for you: this year Tabita amazed us with a truly innovative collection in terms of shapes, colors and finally heels. Yes, the heels are all covered in natural leather and hand painted. You know that for us quality and comfort are everything!

Some of us have slightly changed our life habits, maybe we go out less, let's use this in our favor: away with the overalls, away with the flat shoes, let's have fun, let's be daring, let's reappropriate our moments of free exit starting again from aesthetics and step by step step, as on the notes of our favorite music video clip, perhaps on a nice heel, wide and comfortable or stiletto, as it best represents you, we walk the streets of our cities.

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