We parted with the summer collection and with the arrival of autumn times change again and I am not referring only to the seasons and the temperature, but also and above all to the reason why you are here and reading: the collections are also revolutionised. Smartworking is now a reality and we've gotten used to it, but as nice as it is to stay in pajamas and slippers, it shouldn't become a daily routine, especially now that, with the necessary precautions, we can still afford a walk. After three days locked up at home, with 24 hours behind me sitting at my desk, I dressed and went to the shop. I want to tell you about the experience: reasons and needs kept me away from Milan throughout the summer and yesterday it was like rediscovering a place that has always been familiar to me. I was curious to find out what's new from the New Collection of Pepperina Footwear, so I left my pajamas on the chair from work, put on my skirt and put on my favorite combat boots. When was the last time you gave yourself the opportunity and the time to have the latest trends explained to you? Marco and Stefania work constantly to keep in line with Pepperina fashion trends, but let's see together how this year's collection is structured! Amphibians and Beatles, allaciatines, revisited decolletè and boots: there really is something for all tastes, or rather for all styles! Amphibians and the Beatles, as you well know from last year, are my favourites, I love being comfortable, but always having style. They are like the 24 hours, they always go well and have very versatile lines. They range from leather, to suede, to patent leather and in the colors you will be surprised: this year, in addition to green and brown and blue, red is also one of ours. Variety also on the soles: do you know what I'm talking about if I say "rock bottom" or "para bottom"?

A separate discussion for the Boots: you will always find the must have, the Cuissardes suede knee-high boot suitable for all types of legs, but there are many new features that I will not reveal to you now. If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that I can trust Pepperina, which is why I tell you that, if you don't feel like stopping by the store, you can play it safe online. The site has become a second showcase: the catalog is constantly updated and keeps up with the store. Each product is described in detail and you will find detailed indications even on the fit, but I anticipate that all the models fit regularly, I couldn't resist trying them on. “I don't buy online because I don't know how it fits me”, this is one of the phrases we happen to say most often, it happened to me too, but not in this case. I don't know if you noticed, but the return is free, do you know why? Thanks to the fact that you are followed step by step in the online purchase, through the possibility of chatting directly with the store, there a model that is not suitable for your physicality will never be recommended and the cases of returns are very few, tending to zero. We are very proud of this, because, even without seeing you in person, we want to put you at the center, to advise and follow you to the best of our ability. So don't worry, the return is free!

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