Pass in front of a shop window, fall in love with a pair of shoes, enter, try them on and take them home wrapped in tissue paper, in a beautiful box, in a bag that immediately makes I Love Shopping (by the way, the bags of Pepperina in addition to being very fashionable are made of fabric, reusable over and over again and ecological). For many women this is normal: I like them, I try them, they fit me well, I buy them. For some it is a dream. Because the feet, the basis on which our body and our days stand, can have various problems, some congenital, others that arise over time. Hallux valgus, not very pronounced heel, flat foot, too wide sole ... In many cases you need a custom-designed insole, and not all footwear is suitable for containing it. In others it would be enough to slightly correct the shape of the shoe. Then there are also difficult feet because their owners have particular tastes or particular needs dictated by the color of a dress or a bag ... Or even a nail polish. At Pepperina we love challenges of any kind. Our bespoke shoe service is designed specifically for the foot problems or tastes of its owner, and builds the perfect shoe according to the wishes of the wearer. With numbers from 33 to 43, a color palette to blow your mind, a myriad of models and a personalized "cast" of any problematic shapes, the biggest difficulty will be choosing. Once you have overcome this obstacle, your bespoke shoe will be ready in 10/15 days, created by expert craftsmen, perfect, very comfortable and above all unique like you. The bespoke shoes in Milan are called Pepperina, they live in via Rubens 3 and are just waiting for you. Come and visit us: even just browsing the color charts is an experience worth a visit.

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