Collection: Chanel Spring Summer

Mademoiselle Coco herself invented them, that's why they are called chanel and why they have that unmistakable crisp and clean taste that characterized her and her creations. Born in beige and black with a square heel in 1957, they have a detail that immediately identified them as iconic: the strap behind the heel, which made them suitable from morning to evening, always perfect without ever being exaggerated or subdued. Since then there have been thousands of reinterpretations, heels, toes and colors have changed but the "slingback" strap has always remained there, enhancing what is usually the most critical point of the foot, the much mistreated heel. Pepperina has always included the chanels in its collections, declining them in a thousand different ways but without ever distorting their eclectic character of day and evening shoes, skirts and trousers, office and cocktail. Fresh in summer and surprising in winter with a heavy sock, chanel shoes in Milan are taken from Pepperina, to immerse yourself in a vaguely retro atmosphere and still face the city and its frenzy with a decisive step and in comfort. The only trick is a nice scrub on the heels to show them very smooth and soft. If you really can't go to via Rubens, our e-commerce will allow you to receive all over Italy in 24/48 hours ... Certainly in time for the next appointment! 

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