Collection: Ballerina Shoes

The world is divided in two, with Ballerina shoes: those who adore them and those who hate them (men abound in the second category). Flat, delicate and vaguely childish, very comfortable, perhaps not exactly the epitome of the sexy shoe. These, in broad terms, are their characteristics. Pepperina wanted to play with these "trademarks" by twisting them a bit. You will certainly find classic ballet flats, in leather, suede or patent leather (materials and Italian design, however, distinguish them from those of many other showcases where they look the same ...), with a rounded tip and a bow, however, declined in a palette of colors that to the traditional black-blue-beige adds red, pink in all its shades, green, yellow, purple, orange, but also leopard, zebra, multicolor, to make ballet flats fit even to those who would never have thought of it. And then you will find models that you do not expect, which add rock details and unusual shapes, because that of the dancers in Milan is an evolving world, and Pepperina is proud to contribute to this evolution which is also a revolution. There is a Ballerina for all women, just find yours and you will never leave it. 

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