That hippie-chic look that never goes out of style. The comfort of the rope wedge, which slims the legs but allows you to walk comfortably. The versatility of models that can be worn in the city as well as by the sea. Espadrilles, or espadrilles, or campesinas in the wedge and strap model, are timeless in summer, with every look. From ethnic to casual, with flared jeans from the seventies or with a sheath dress to play down, these shoes, made of poor materials, have an innate elegance. The important thing is to choose them of quality, because the appearance often deceives and you find yourself with a beautiful fake campesina in pure cardboard covered with rope, which will self-destruct after a few steps like the messages for James Bond. Pepperina espadrilles are strictly produced in their country of origin, Spain, and offer all the quality of real rope shoes. They last a long time and are very comfortable. If there is little space in your holiday suitcase, they are the most eclectic and versatile solution there is. Call them espadrilles, espadrilles or whatever you like but you can't miss a pair ... It's not really summer without it. 

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