Old Wild...Boots!

Old Wild...Boots!

"Already back in fashion last autumn, after confirming their position on the podium in spring 2019, they remain a confirmation for this season too"

If we talk about Street style, to date, in 2019, the Texan cannot be missing. Stiletto heels remain a must, to always have in the wardrobe ready for the most serious and professional occasions, but camperos and cowgirl style dominate the comfort of everyday life.

Today I decided to wear a pair of Pepperina in greased dark brown burnt suede, just above the ankle with a 4.5 cm heel and fancy embroidery on the camel-colored toe, also available in the shop in their black leather version.

Greased suede is a very particular material, it gives a fake wet and used effect, giving the shoe that worn-in feel typical of white shoes that turn grey. Wear them and it will be like having a bit of the old wild west at your feet.

They are shoes with a dynamic spirit, typical of galloping races astride a mustang in the prairie, with a wild spirit and an unmistakable character: they are perfect allies for our desire to do things step by step.

You can wear them in their most common version or under a nice pair of jeans, light blue, dark blue or black, slim fit, bodyfriend or mum version, combined with a blouse or a t-shirt.

Alternatively you can also choose to play with it by trying on different outfits, for example I chose to combine them with a brick red dress with soft lines, without tights due to the high temperatures these days.

They are unruly ankle boots, which do not follow fixed rules for combinations and have "freedom of expression" as their only creed.

With the typical pointed shape, cone heel, the particularity of these camperos by Pepperina footwear lies in the water-repellent suede material and in the contrasting patterned embroidery.

Those with long feet usually tend to avoid pointed shoes and many of you are probably skeptical because of the cone heel, what I can assure you is that the fit is regular, the heel is comfortable and well calibrated and as far as I am tip do not give an elongated effect, but slender and fusiform both for the leg and for the foot, guaranteeing the "tapered leg" effect.

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