Il fantastico mondo degli anfibi

The amazing world of amphibians

"Comfortable and perfect for any occasion, ready to support us in the adventure of everyday life"

Summer has flown by and in the blink of an eye we have found ourselves in autumn and nostalgia is a lot.

I'm a lover of short skirts and shorts, of comfortable outfits, but which have their own style and character and this is exactly what I want to tell you on this journey, trying to make you participate as much as possible.

I know, we'll probably be of different ages, you could be my moms or aunts or sisters-in-law and that's exactly how I want to imagine you. We'll do some tests, I want to try to recommend some outfits, to help you understand that sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone even with regards to our look, but always respecting our nature, to give a breath of fresh air.

The first thing I tell you about myself is that I'm always late and that's why I need comfortable shoes because I often have to run! Comfortable shoes, but with style, just like these amphibians.

I know that at first sight they may seem very sporty, but all amphibians are, what makes the difference is what you combine them with. What I recommend is to wear them with jeans and a blouse for a more casual day look, but just match them with a skirt and you'll be perfect for the evening or an aperitif.

Et voilà the game is done.

It's a bit like the "get two and pay one" speech in this case you can use the same pair of shoes, but for two outfits with a completely different tone.

I really like to break up looks and I find that the shirt-skirt-combat boot combination, just like I'm wearing in the photo, is something extremely successful. It will allow you to be elegant, give you a tone, but at the same time casual thanks to these shoes which, together with the shirt, dampen the seriousness given by the checked skirt.

Shoes like bags are the accessory with which we can play and indulge ourselves the most.

Rest assured that if you wear a nice pair of shoes like this Pepperina amphibian and walk in them proudly and confidently, people will notice.

Show them off without fear, it will be you with your look and your walk to choose which tone to give them: sporty or more aggressive.

With love, Irene - Pepperina Shoes

3/4 amphibian in leather with studs

Fit: Regular Upper: Genuine Leather Lining: Genuine Leather / Fabric Insole: Genuine leather Sole: Rubber Made in Italy product - Pepperina Shoes

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