You waited for it and it has arrived: Black Friday is confirmed as a success, for us at Pepperina, this year as well.

There were so many of you and you made us work like crazy, but we are immensely grateful: our job is to satisfy your wishes and every time we succeed it is an extra satisfaction for us, an extra push to go ahead and believe in what we do.

I confess, for us Black Friday is really something "big", pass me the term: we prepare for a long time in the months before to give you a day of real discounts on the current collection. This is what we have done, real discounts of 50% on the highest quality products.

A special mention also goes to Stefania, who cashed in all day while also managing online sales in real time, flawlessly, without ever making you queue, and to all the staff who were there ready to satisfy your every request. IS it was nice to feel like a meeting point, you were all there, ready to try, to get involved, without fear.

You have tried us over the past year or years and you have chosen us on Black Friday, for this we wanted to thank you because loyalty to a shop these days is rare and we are committed every day for you. You respected each other, you also helped each other by giving each other advice, as longtime friends and some even let themselves be photographed and we can only be proud of you and say a huge THANK YOU again.

And you, did you participate? ;)

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